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A C C O U N T A N C Y 

T H E  B A C K G R O U N D

The Accountancy Cloud is an accounting software company based in London that goes beyond technology and financial task automation to provide clients with dedicated, expert guidance and advice. They take the hassle of tax, payroll and much more off their customer’s hands to give business owners the time and money they deserve.  


There are a number of big players in the same space, meaning that the challenges of SEO and other forms of marketing are heightened. But, with such a unique brand and captivating positioning, Accountancy Cloud has the potential to compete with larger companies. Combining exceptional service delivery with intuitive technology and incredibly forward thinking attitude, they fit our ideal client profile perfectly.

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W H A T  W E   D I D

We developed a marketing strategy that focused on the companies marketing strengths and weaknesses, as well as addressed the external opportunities and threats. The plan supported Accountancy Cloud across the board - social, content, paid media, SEO and much more.  To improve lead nurturing, we also designed and set up workflows to warm up leads ready for the sales team to close. 

T H E  O U T C O M E

After the first 6 months, Accountancy Cloud experienced impressive year on year growth in both organic and paid traffic. As well as a significant increase in reach and engagement across their social channels. 

Within the first 6 months of working together:

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Overall website visits have more than doubled

Organic traffic increased by 92%

Total ROI is at 300+%

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