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N E W W A L L 

T H E  B A C K G R O U N D

NewWall is an interior design company serving high end clients with products of only the most exceptional quality, in line with international trends and innovation. Think timeless style, combined with an attention to detail that goes into everything they do, from bespoke wall murals to customer service.

CEO Maria Raco, wanted their beautiful service to be reflected in their website copy.

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W H A T  W E   D I D

We worked alongside the team at NewWall to craft a tone of voice that exudes luxury and the brand’s impeccable level of service. We delved deep into their business to uncover the history and their own unique story. As we always do, we also undertook SEO and competitor research to identify the content needed to not only match the brand perfectly but to compete in the space and rank in the search engines.

T H E  O U T C O M E

NewWall now has an exquisite tone of voice that shines through their website and in every piece of marketing collateral they produce. With well written SEO copy, they have increased their search visibility substantially over a matter of months.

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