• Molly Sishton

Meet Hannah...

Everything to know about our new Marketing and Communications Executive.

I'm Hannah, Marketing and Communications Executive at Re-Imagine. As a recent Fashion Business graduate with a major interest in Content Marketing, I was on the hunt for the perfect role, when I stumbled across Re-Imagine. When I first started university I imagined a life in a Fashion capital lunching with Donatella Versace, discussing new fashion trends! However, when I completed a module in Marketing, I knew instantly this was the road I wanted to follow.

My love for the industry came from the enjoyment of using my creativity to plan out a campaign from start to finish and seeing the impact it could have on a business. As my interest in this job role grew I wanted to investigate it further and find my niche. When it came to conducting research for my dissertation I picked up a strong interest in the authenticity and transparency of the marketing industry in today's society.

I questioned, Is there trust? How authentic is the industry? - I found that there is in fact a current decline in consumer trust within marketing, so I've now made it my mission to make the marketing industry more authentic again, and to do this I needed to work within a company that is transparent with their clients and consumers, and with a team that is truly authentic in all their work.

When I met the ladies at Re-Imagine, I knew instantly this was a workplace that had these morals and it was somewhere my passions could be accepted and utilised, and I was offered the ability to work towards my career goals. I am so excited to be on the journey with the team here and to look forward to building together to help brands succeed. As the Marketing executive at Re-Imagine Molly and Connie have given me the opportunity to be bold and creative with their marketing techniques which is something I look forward to and I'm really grateful for. I'm excited to be able to make my own mark in the industry, with the support and guidance from the team at Re-Imagine. With a passion for content creation and social media marketing I am able to use these skills to create innovative campaigns, with the freedom to conduct the strategy planning, creation, and distribution, which will hopefully end up in the expansion of our client base, and our overall success. I'm so excited to be joining a team of strong, businesswomen who all have the same goal - to succeed.

As well as my career goals and passions, I also have things I love to do outside of work, so here's a bit about me. As you can probably tell from my degree (Fashion business), I am a complete shopaholic, and fashion news and trends are something I love to stay on top of - I probably go shopping at least twice a week! I also love to read self-help books and work on being a positive person all around - by going on walks, meditating (with my crystals) and staying organised as much as possible.

To wrap this up, I am so excited for this new chapter and the journey I will be taking at Re-Imagine and can't wait for what the future holds! Keep up to date with my journey and career at https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-elford-b29204194/ and follow https://www.instagram.com/reimagine_marketing/

Hannah :)