• Molly Sishton

Meet Kyla...

Everything to know about our new Sales and Business Development Executive.

Hello, my name is Kyla! One of the newest additions to the Re-Imagine Content Marketing team.

So, if you are reading this blog, you must be interested in what the new ‘Sales and Business Development Executive’ is all about?

I’m from a small Welsh town called Cwmbran where I traded rural fields for sandy beaches when I went to Swansea University. I’ve recently graduated from university, and I studied Business Management (with Marketing) in the hopes of one day working at a Digital Marketing Agency…. And now here I am.

I very much see myself as an analytical thinker with a boost of creativity and people would

describe being an ambitious, passionate, and optimistic individual.

Why you joined us

The usage of marketing as a tool to portray a message and educate people has always

inspired me. I believe that I need a vocation that gives me the opportunity to be positive,

proactive, professional, persuasive, and promotional. This led me to Re-Imagine who has

given me the opportunity to make my mark in the industry – thank you, by the way!

I joined Re-Imagine because they work with a fantastic array of clients in different industries

including Hospitality, Construction, technology, interior design, the list goes on! Learning

about the client's circumstances, wants, needs and goals is what makes the job very exciting.

The agency resonates with my strategic goals and capabilities, and I believe that together

we can Re-Imagine a rewarding and successful future - get it… Re-Imagine? Not to mention

the working environment is attractive in terms of company culture, values, and characteristics!

We ensure to be bold, innovative, and elegant in everything we do, and we leave no stone

unturned. Our team is an amazing bunch of like-minded individuals!

What you're most excited about doing in your role

This is a good question, of which I would like to answer…everything! Since graduating from

university, I have an ongoing drive to develop my work ethic and career skills. A role that

provides me with knowledge and experience in Business, Marketing and Sales is always

going to be exciting.

I am specifically excited about working through my project management training, attending

networking events and increasing my networking connections to building trusting relationships. I enjoy getting to know people, hearing their stories, and listening to their

points of view.

I am also enthusiastic to provide potential business ideas, opportunities, and strategies in

order to increase company revenue and engagement. In other words, get stuck in and do

my thing!

Favourite out of work hobbies (or something along these lines!). 

My favourite out of work hobbies includes figure skating, brunch with friends, netball, and

city breaks! Figure skating and netball feed my determination, competitiveness, and

ambition. On weekends you’ll see me gliding on the ice, shooting hoops whilst chowing

down on Avo toast in Edinburgh.

If you’ve enjoyed the read, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I’m happy to

talk about what we as a company can provide. Or, if you just need a chat!