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Stopping the Social Media Silence

Updated: Jun 15

Molly here, and I'm... calling all silent scrollers! Yup, you. I see you.

I too am guilty of using Social Media mindlessly. But, this year I’ll be doing a whole lot less of it. And by it, you know what I mean, the loading of Instagram to take a look at the baby Yoda meme you’ve been tagged in, but 1 hour later you’re still sat in the same position, mindlessly scrolling through fitness and nutrition posts trying to get that needed inspiration for the New Year, New You.

Let’s be honest we all do it…scroll, scroll, scroll. Once we’re finished on Instagram, we’ll check our other apps, then back again and so the cycle continues.

So, instead of silent scrolling and stalking let’s use social media to be, well, SOCIAL.

Continue to post great content, but take the time to like, comment and maybe even share. Think of how great it feels when people engage with your posts. Let’s share that love.

What are the Benefits of Engaging on Social Media?

By stopping the silent scrolling you will:

  • Build brand awareness

  • Increase the likelihood of people engaging with your posts

  • Eliminate the time you waste mindlessly scrolling and create time for being productive and progressing your brand

  • Improve your standing with Algorithms, channels such as Instagram favour posts with engagement and will send them to the top of the feed and maybe onto the explore page (saving money on ads)

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